RSR - Regional School of Racing

2017 RSRs, Inter Regional and Coach Workshops.


Here is an explanation of what the RSR and Inter regional are and the expectations of the BC coaches.

There will be 3 RSRs in 2017. The first will be skills orientated and the day’s session will take place on flat ground. RSR 2 will start with some flat skills work and then these skills will be taken to the track for the rest of the session. RSR3 is race orientated. Riders will be involved in a lot of group efforts and in the afternoon, we will have a mock race.

Each Region can choose up to 10 riders in any mix of Boys and Girls that they see fit.

Riders can be born in 2002, 2003 and 2004, but it is not necessary to fill the quota of riders just for the sake of it. The aim is to keep the quality of riding as high as we can. Riders who get an invite to the first RSR won’t automatically be on the list for the 2nd or 3rd RSR. Nominations for each RSR will be discussed in Regional Forums prior to the event.

Apprentices won’t be invited to RSRs, they have a lot of Coached time already and are working on their own individual training plans. This also means that other Riders can get a chance of attending. 

Riders will be nominated by their Regions; these names will then be emailed to Mark Seaman by the Regions Coach representative. From there Mark will then invite riders and ask them to register for the event on the British Cycling website (last year it was £6.00 and as far as we know it will be the same in 2017). Riders will be given a list of what they need to bring to the session.

As BMX is so skills orientated we work with riders younger than the other Cycling disciplines, this is why it says on the British Cycling website that RSRs are for 14-16 year olds whereas BMX is looking for Riders born in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

We need Riders and Parents to realize that the idea of RSRs is to develop Riders in all aspects of BMX Racing. RSRs will be for Riders who are 13,14 or 15 this year whereas the Inter Regional is for 13 and 14 year olds.

We don’t want people to think that sole purpose of the RSRs is to prepare Riders for the Inter Regional. The Inter Regional is a totally different concept. It is a fun, competitive Event where each Region brings its top 13 and 14 year olds to compete against each other, not only through racing, but skills competitions too. As we will be looking for each Regions very best, Apprentices will be eligible. (Providing they were born in 2003 or 2004)

So, we need to get the message across to Riders and Parents that RSRs are there to help develop Riders and the Inter Regional is a separate Event. Riders and Parents alike should understand that the Rider has been selected for an RSR because they have potential, and through the RSR process they can be helped to develop this and give them some support. Even if a Rider isn’t selected for the Inter Regional Team they should feel that they have benefited from the work they have done at RSRs. 

Inter Regional

 The Inter Regional will be run in a similar way to the last three years. It will still be a two day event with skills on Saturday and racing on Sunday. The main tests will stay the same: Watt bike, 60m sprints, manuals, wheelies and bunny hops, but we will throw in a few different ones to keep Riders and Coaches on their toes.

10 riders from each Region

6 boys/ 4 girls

Born in 2003/ 2004 (No 2002 Riders as this would be the time they may be considered for ODP and would no longer be of an Apprentice age. The odd 2005 Rider that is exceptional may be considered if a team is low on numbers)

It looks like the event will be on the 9th and 10thof September but we are just waiting for this to be confirmed. British Cycling will provide accommodation for the Riders, Team Manager and 3 Coaches on the Saturday night as well as Dinner Saturday evening, Sunday morning breakfast and lunch. Regions will be expected to sort out any additional costs.

Coach Workshops.

Mark Seaman will be holding some Regional Coaches Workshops, the idea of these Workshops is for Mark to talk about and demonstrate how coaching works along the Pathway. It’s also a great opportunity for Coaches to meet and work with others in similar positions.


There will also be a 2 day National Coaches Workshop towards the end of the year, this will have limited spaces, so places will first be offered to Coaches regularly supporting their Regions coaching.


Mark and team are currently in the process of sorting dates and venues for all of the above. These should be out in the very near future.