Brits Qualification reminder

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As we are making progress through the Regional Series its time to make sure you know the rules regarding applying for dispensation if you need it for Brits qualification.

All dispensation requests have to be ratified by a committee of the Regional chairpeople to ensure everyone is applying the rules fairly.

All expert category riders must compete in five regional events in their primary class (20” or Cruiser) within the South Region and three regional events in their secondary class.

Current ODP and Talent Team riders have the option of completing their five events in their primary class or three events in their secondary class in more than one region.

The British Championships are a club and region based event, and all competitors must be members of BC affiliated clubs in the BMX region they have qualified through.

Dispensation requests should go direct to [email protected] by 31st August 2018.

Dispensation may be given for the following reasons:

Injury or illness with supporting evidence from a GP or specialist. The period of injury or illness must clearly state that it covers a set period of time between April and August of the current year. The period of injury will allow dispensation for each regional event held within that time. Only applications with medical proof should be submitted.

Competing overseas in UCI / UEC BMX events held on the same day as a regional event or on an adjoining weekend if competing at the UCI BMX World Championships. (A maximum of one Regional event can be claimed)