Statement about the finish line camera

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The South Region invested in a finish line camera in 2017 and it has proved its worth many times since then. This year there have been a number of close calls resulting in queries over finishing positions, and the South Team wanted to clarify how and when it is used.

The finish line camera is set up for knock-out rounds (Quarter- and Semi-finals) and Finals. It acts as a back-up for close calls or where there is a problem with the finish line team recording numbers.

It is only used in exceptional circumstances, ie when called on by the finish line team or Commissaire. It is not there to be called on at will by competitors or their families.

When a result in a knock-out round is queried, racing has to be paused (eg between Semi-finals and Finals) while the video is checked. This can cause delays to racing and with larger fields it can mean late finishes. When called upon in relation to Final results, this can be done after racing has finished (including the following day).

The South Team and regional Commissaires do a fantastic job organising and administering regional races week after week, and whilst the camera can and does help it could also hinder and create delays if relied on too much. It does also still have limitations and may not always provide a definitive result.

The decision of officials is final and should be respected by competitors and their families.

Many hands make light work and so if anyone would like to step up and get involved, please talk to one of the South Region officials - the more the merrier!

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support in what is the largest and most competitive region in the UK.